Best rogue pvp spec classic

Forgot your password? This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as an Outlaw Rogue and gives you the best combinations you can take. While the above table provides a generally accurate overview of the viability of talents, some finer points are discussed in the sections that follow, and we recommend you read those for a deeper understanding. Quick Draw is the best talent in this tier. That talent is strong for multiple reasons. It helps with generating additional Combo Points and for random bursts of damage.

It also works great with the Deadshot Azerite trait. Retractable Hook is the best talent in this tier. This not only lets Rogues push into other teams or chase down targets, but it also allows us to get behind a pillar quickly if we are in trouble.

It adds even more mobility to the Outlaw spec. However, if you do not plan on using Retractable Hook for crowd control or you will not be focused, Acrobatic Strikes is the best choice. Deeper Stratagem is the best choice. Having the ability to have Finishing Moves be affected as though with 6 Combo Points is a great talent. A few examples of what this works well with are increasing the duration of Between the Eyes and the damage of Dispatch. Elusiveness is an all-around solid choice, and the best talent in this tier.

Just make sure to keep using Feint when the enemy team is targeting you. If your team's goal is to kill an enemy in a stun, Prey on the Weak is the best choice in this tier. This talent is crucial if your team is not crowd control based and just focusing on targeting person.

If your team's goal is to relentlessly crowd control the enemy healer, Blinding Powder is the best choice.

Outlaw Rogue PvP Talents and Builds (BfA / Patch 8.3)

Blind will now have a 90 second cooldown. This means that even if the healer trinkets the first Blind, they will not have a trinket for the second. We recommend taking Alacrity in this tier. If this buff does not expire, this will help with overall sustained damage.

Blade Rush is the best choice in this tier. Not only does this do a large amount of damage, it also restores a good amount of Energy over time. Gladiator's Medallion is the best choice in this tier. It is great for removing crowd control on you that your healer cannot dispel. Outlaw Rogues are also notorious for dying in stuns and this well help you trinket and kite incoming damage. You can choose 3 of the following PvP talents.I forgot my password.

If you are planning on joining the World of Warcraft Classic adventure make sure to check out our other related Guides below:. Rogues tend to shy away from head-on encounters and prefer to rely on their Deception, Assassination, and Subtlety skills instead. They are one of two Classes that have access to the Stealth mechanic, the other being, of course, Druids. It also lets them sneak past packs of mobs and complete many, otherwise very difficult and time-consuming, Quests easily.

However, if they are the ones who get jumped on, they can be overwhelmed very quickly, because of their low Armor and Health values, and the lack of self-healing abilities, unless of course, they are experienced enough to employ their incredible Crowd Control and Survivability toolkits quickly. Despite the advantages provided by Stealth mechanic and great CC capabilities, Rogues struggle a bit during leveling.

This is caused by the inability to mitigate incoming Damage efficiently, the lack of Healing abilities, and low overall mobility. These shortcomings keep Rogues in line during their solo leveling journey but do not affect the End-Game that much. If you are looking for a Class that is satisfying to play, engaging, challenging, and very hard to master in PvP, pick a Rogue. More competitive Players might even want to choose their Faction based on Racial traits of one of its member Races.

We will take a closer look at all Races that can choose the path of a Rogue and determine which are the best for PvP and PvE. In other words - pick your Race and your Faction as you please, because after all, Fun is the most important aspect of the Game. Dwarf's Stoneform is one of the strongest PvP Racial abilities in the game and it can ensure a successful Vanish against Warriors and other Rogues.

Human's Weapon Specializations provide some additional Damage and Perception gives him an advantage against enemy Stealth users but is not as powerful as Stoneform is.

Rogue guide leveling 1-60 - Vanilla / Classic WoW

Gnome's Escape Artist is less situational than Human's Perception and it makes him harder to control, which is very important in PvP. The second choice is tougher, but Dwarf's Stoneform is more useful as a defensive Cooldown than Gnome's Escape Artist, so Dwarf gets the slight edge.

While Undead's Will of the Forsaken makes him the best Warlock killer in the game and gives him an advantage against Priests and Warriors as well, Orc's ability to randomly resist Stuns cannot be overlooked. What really tips the scale is the usefulness of the second racial, and Blood Fury is better than Cannibalize in most situations. Moreover, his Cannibalize is great during leveling. Second choice: Troll, but argument can be made for Undead as well. Optimal Talent allocation is essential for smooth leveling.

Here, we will describe the most optimal leveling spec and lead you through the Talent Trees level-by-level. Leveling Talent allocation Some of the Talent choices might feel counterintuitive, so we rush with an explanation:. This means that Increasing Weapon Skill will decrease or even eliminate the Damage penalty.

Off-Hand Weapon, on the other hand, should be fast to maximize the rate at which Poisons are applied to a Target, but this is much less important than a slow Main Hand Weapon during leveling, at least. As you have concluded from the previous paragraph and the Talents section, you should use Dual Wield.

This is because its drawbacks are easily outweighed by benefits that come from Poisons and Talents. It goes without saying that you should aim to upgrade your Weapons as often as possible because they will speed up your leveling process and make experience grinds much more bearable at least for the next few levels after getting an upgrade.

Below, we present you a shortlist of Weapons that you should try and get during your leveling journey. The list is meant to be a raw guideline for Rogue's Weapon progression. Note2: There are a lot more weapons than those described.

We have mentioned just the easy-to-get and quite essential upgrades. BoE items were excluded from the list, as there is a lot of RNG involved in getting them. Your rotation will greatly depend on your level and will get gradually more complex as you progress through content and get access to more tools.

While Rogue's basic rotation remains very simple throughout the whole leveling journey, the abilities that he gets on the way allow him to react and adapt to a wide range of PvE and PvP situations. Get a Swing Timer addon as soon as possible.I forgot my password. If you have just started leveling your Rogue, you may want to check out our Rogue leveling Guide first. His Energy mechanic in Classic, Rogue gains 20 Energy every 2 seconds allows him to keep up his DPS even in the longest of encounters, making Sustain not an issue at all.

His Utility, while not the best in Raids, can prove to be irreplaceable in smaller groups or in certain Raid encounters, like suppression room in Blackwing Lair. The only real drawback of Combat Rogue is his popularity.

Finding a spot in a decent Raiding guild might be a slight problem, but it can be overcome with a little bit of hard work and dedication because solid and dedicated Raiders are always in high demand. If you'd like to know more about other race picks, please check our WoW Classic Beginners Guidewhere we dive deep into all available Rogue's race choices for both factions.

His Sword Specialization gives him a considerable edge over other available allied races. It decreases your chance to miss an attack, reduces enemy's chance to dodge, block, and parry, and most of all reduces glancing blow glancing blows deal damage reduced in proportion to the difference between Target's defense skill and Attaker's weapon skill penalty, which is huge for DPS.

If you are going for a Dagger build, the race choice becomes very much open. The fact that Engineering is also considered the best PvP profession is an added benefit to its power in PvE environment.

At the start, you should pick Mining to supplement your Engineering Skill, you can always switch it to another profession of your liking later on. Note: If you want to know more about all available professions and secondary skills, please check our detailed WoW Classic Professions Guide. Proper Talent allocation is essential for maximizing Damage output. We will feature this build as soon as Phase 5 starts. In order to maximize your DPS, you should aim to assemble the best possible Gear.

Also, remember that it is the armament that gives the highest DPS boost, so you should start by getting the best rogue weapons available. Below, we present you the BiS Bst-in-slot list for all equipment slots. Proper enchants and consumables will greatly increase your Damage output. In Classic, Rogue follows more of a priority list than a strict rotation.

On top of that, the list changes slightly depending on the Weapon and build you are currently using. We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know!

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Classic Rogue PvP Guide

Horde If Rogues could use Axes in Classic, the choice would be unbelievably simple, but they sadly can't, so it isn't. All in all, Orc wins and he is great for PvP as wellbut not as clearly as Human on Alliance's side. They both increase Damage but have a much lower impact than Agility. Crit is a powerful stat for any rogue, but it gets a bit overshadowed by the fact that Agility provides both Crit Chance and Attack Power.

This talent scales very well with gear. Be aware that this Talent's procs will reset your Swing Timer you should use your abilities immediately after Auro-Attack swings - get a Swing Timer Addon - because of that. Be aware that your Energy will tick for 40 per 2 seconds instead of 20 per 2 seconds when this is active keep track of your energy levels, or you might waste some of it.

A must-have. Can be bought on AH or directly from an Alchemist. Thistle Tea Instantly grants Energy. Created by Cooking, Raw Squids can be fished, but only during Winter.Rogues are one of the more popular and downright fun classes to play. They focus on damage output, which is satisfying and for many, cathartic and their stealth role is both crucial and specialized, as Rogues are the only class, save the Druid, who can actively stealth.

In PvP, Rogues are vital damage dealers and scouts, and their abilities are almost always welcome to any battle group, or party. They excel most at single target DPS and in this regard, they are beaten only by Warriors, and only when a given Warrior is kitted out with gear. The only race that cannot play a Rogue are the poor Tauren, because they are just too big!

Classic WoW Rogue PvP - Back to Hemo - WSG

This can make choosing a race for your rogue just a touch difficult sometimes. Many of the racial traits offered by the different races are very useful to a Rogue, especially in PvP, but some not at all of use. To help you to figure out which is which, the following is a list of all of the races that can play as a rogue and all of the racial traits of theirs that are of use in PvP. It allows you to counter the bleed abilities of the Hunter, Rogue and Warrior while also increasing your armor for a short time.

Frost Resistance is good for keeping Frost Mages off your back, but not much else. Another trait with a minor, but definite benefit is Find Treasureas Twinking by its nature is expensive and every advantage in that regard helps. Gnomes have Escape Artistwhich counters the CC effects of four other classes and Engineering Specializationwhich gives a little extra advantage in the form of Engineering gadgets and devices that other races cannot access yet.

Arcane Resistance lowers the damage type used by at least three classes and that is good. Perception is handy for being able to spot other sneaky Rogues and less sneaky Druids. The Human Spirit and Sword Specialization offer great passive edges to health regeneration and your chance to hit, which never hurts.

Quickness increases your chance to dodge, which is only ever a good thing. Nature Resistance offers decent protection from the poisons of other Rogues, the Stings of Hunters and the other nature damage used by Shaman and Druids. Another racial trait of Night Elves, which might seem useless to any Rogue is Shadowmeldhowever, there are two important factors that can make this ability incredibly useful in PvP.

Shadowmeld does not share a cooldown with Stealthgiving you the ability to immediately stealth after downing an enemy, as long as you down move and you can eat and drink while in Shadowmeld as well, allowing you to swiftly regain health in safety after a difficult fight.

Orcs With a short cooldown and a massive short term damage increase, Blood Fury is the absolute best racial trait for Rogues that Orcs possess.

Hardiness is the other Orcish Racial trait that means anything to a rogue. The Berserking trait is of particular usefulness, especially when things are looking grim.

Subtlety Rogue PvP Guide in Battle for Azeroth (BfA 8.3)

Regeneration adds a lot of survivability, articularly if you couple it with a regeneration buff to increase its efficacy. Will of the Forsaken is one of the best racial traits for PvP of any kind and of particular use to Rogues, who are often the target of CC effects. Shadow Resistance is great for countering the damage type used by Priests and Warlocks.The Assassination Rogue in WoW Classic is a ruthless poison master who coats their daggers with a variety of deadly poisons.

Although some more or less viable Assassination builds exist in PvE, there is no real reason to play them as long as they remain weak. In PvP, however, you'll be the caster killer. Opponents at distance have no chance against them unless they are very experienced, making Assassination a formidable opponent.

On the other hand, they're very weak against melee, in particular, the Plate wearers like the Warrior and the Paladin, so look to avoid them in solo combat. Editor's note: We do not have in mind the best statistics for the SPEC Rogue at the time, we are working to recover them. Of course, if some of you remember it, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments, we thank you in advance.

Important note : There is no real rotation in PvP. However, in most cases following the one presented below should guarantee you almost certainly the victory against players with no trinket or those uncomfortable in PvP. The rule is simple in PvP: Improvise, adapt, overcome. Vanish is the iconic spell of the Rogue giving them that feeling of being a real ninja.

best rogue pvp spec classic

Engage your target, reduce his hit points, and then disappearing into a cloud of smoke to return to Stealth and re-engage your target to end them. Cold Blood. Cold Blood is one of the key talents of Sub Rogue since it simply allows you to destroy a target with Eviscerate having twice the normal chances to inflict a critical hit. Simple, effective, the Rogue in all its splendor. Evasion is an excellent defensive CD as it greatly increases your chances of dodging attacks from in front of you.

Be careful though, only melee attacks from a radius of about degrees in front of you can be dodged, and being stunned or any other CC makes you vulnerable even under Evasion.

Poisons are one of the many unique aspects of the Rogue. Here are our recommendations:. Finally, Hardness gives them a clear advantage over other races in PvP.

The real interest of the Undead, besides his incredible style, is the Will of the Forsaken which is excellent in PvP.

Apart from that, Cannibalism is interesting in levelling. The only interest they have in PvE is that they have a base of slightly more points of Intelligence and Spirit than other races. In addition to Quickness giving them a slight gain in survival, Rogue benefits from being Night Elf especially thanks to its Shadowmeld in the shade allowing them to greatly improve the effectiveness of his Stealth. Frost Resistance is also great against your nemesis: the Frost Mage. World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of races to choose from, and making that choice has long-term consequences.

You don't want to regret your choice later, so we've broken down the races in our tier list for WoW: Classic. If you follow our advice for the choice of trades, Skinning is an excellent choice because if you choose Leatherworking you can be almost self-sufficient. And, even if you do not choose Leatherworking, it allows you to farm components for high-level craftable armour. The real interest of Leatherworking is in the craftingof high-level pre-raid armour, including the Devilsaur Armour set.

World of Warcraft: Classic has a number of professions to choose from, from crafting armour with Blacksmithing and Leatherworking to farming materials with Herbalism and Minning. With something for everyone, here is our Classic Profession tier list. Great v casters in PvP. Great at world PvP. Great as part of a group. Poor in PvE compared to Combat. Lack of self-healing.

Bad v melee.

best rogue pvp spec classic

Vulnerable to CC.They are especially useful when on their own, making them a great choice for arenas. The inherent benefits in being the only class that can truly Stealth is pretty obvious, but the rogue also has a number of other useful and fun abilities. They are also the only class that can Pick Locksmaking them invaluable to groups that want to get into places without having to go acquire the key.

best rogue pvp spec classic

Rogues can also Sap targets, taking them temporarily out of the picture and can Kick spell casters to stop them from their nasty spell casting.

To see a general overview of all of the races, their traits and a bit of their lore, click here. The Rogue has the second most choices of race per class, the first being Warriors, which all races can play. Not to mention the increase in armor, however short lived.

Frost Resistance is good for keeping Frost Mages off your back, but not much else. Another trait with a minor, but definite benefit is Find Treasure. Now that might seem like bunk, but Twinking costs money and every little bit helps. Escape Artist counters the CC effects of four other classes and Engineering Specialization gives access to a number of incredibly useful weapons and gadgets that all give a distinct edge in any kind of PvP.

Arcane Resistance is negligible, but any kind of damage resistance is good. The Human Spirit and Sword Specialization offer great passive edges to health regeneration and your chance to hit, which never hurts.

Another racial trait of Night Elves, which might seem useless to any Rogue is Shadowmeldhowever, there are two important factors that can make this ability incredibly useful in PvP. Shadowmeld does not share a cooldown with Stealthgiving you the ability to immediately stealth after downing an enemy, as long as you down move and you can eat and drink while in Shadowmeld as well, allowing you to swiftly regain health in safety after a difficult fight.

Hardiness is probably the only other trait that would useful to a rogue and that usefulness is debatable. It does only have a 25 percent chance to work, but we were just talking about how 25 percent came make all the difference. All of that being said, it is a passive ability with no cooldown, which is always a good thing.

Particularly if you couple it with a regeneration buff to increase its efficacy. The ability to just shrug off three different CC effects is such a boon. Shadow Resistance is great in any situation, but it, coupled with WoTF seems to have made the Undead the best race to frustrate Priest and Warlock players as well. There is one other ability that is of particular interest to Rogues: Cannibalize is basically a free somewhat weak bandage, but most importantly — it can be used while Stealthed.

So which race is the best choice? Well that is, as you can see above, a complicated question and the answer will depend on your play style.

So what professions and skills are the most beneficial to a Twink Rogue? For this section, actually, the answer is pretty simple: Because there are no stat increases from professions in Classic WoW, the only profession useful to a PvP Rogue is also a necessity for a twink. While it will depend on how you are funding your Twink Rogue, you other profession is still a vital decision. The Flame Deflectorwhile having a huge cooldown, can be very much worth the trouble, as it counters damage done by Fire Mages, and Shamans.

It also counters the damage of all those explosives previously mentioned, which other Twinks will be using. The ray offers a slight CC by slowing opponents and does a bit of damage, while the mortar functions exactly as the Big Bronze Bomb, but can be crafted with cheaper and more readily available materials.

You will also be able to disenchant any non BiS gear that you come across and a large portion of the time, some of those disenchanted materials will sell better on the Auction House than any of the items will.

If that is the case, Mining, or Skinning are a good choice, as they compliment Engineering. The only other profession useful to a level 19 Twink Rogue is Alchemy and only if you are being funded.

Having access to making the potions and elixirs your will need, rather than having to pay exorbitant prices, is a welcome boon.

Something to remember, in general, about your secondary skills is that the cap for them at level 19 is much higher than your primary professions That being said, the stamina buff offered by the foods you can cook at level 15 offers a solid buff, so if you are going to do some cooking, get one them as soon as you can.Forgot your password? The guide will cover everything from talent choices, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses. Rogues are a very powerful choice for PvP due to the stealthiness and burst capabilities at its disposal.

Note that we do not cover gear on this page, which you can instead find in our PvP Best in Slot and Gear guide for Rogues below. Early on, people will be fairly undergeared, which is when this build will truly shine. Players will have low health pools and Eviscerate has very high base damage, meaning your kill potential is fairly high in PvP scenarios.

When you have high tier gear, the "non-hemo" build becomes more viable. Improved Eviscerate is very useful, since your Eviscerate is a very hard hitting finisher and you are going to be using it in order to secure kills. You are also usually running Cold Bloodso with that in combination with Improved Eviscerate, you can get some very large hits on Eviscerate in your opener.

This talent allows you to speed up your progress towards your next 5-combo-point Eviscerate or Kidney Shot. Improved Expose Armor buffs a finishing move that you will not be using at 5 combo points. There are definitely instances where Expose Armor is useful in allowing you to burst down targets with a lot of armor. In those instances, you want to use Expose Armor with 2 or 3 combo points in order to get a huge armor reduction, allowing you to easily burst them down. This talent also increases the crit chance of Hemorrhagewhich is your main combo point generator in PvP.

Cold Blood is a fantastic talent for your burst. You will usually use this when combined with a 5 combo point Evisceratewhich will guarantee a very hard hit on Eviscerate. You can also use the talent Preparation to reset the cooldown on Cold Blood in order to do your burst twice, helping you secure a kill or open on another target quickly.

Improved Gouge is very useful for allowing you the time to re-stealth in PvP. The extra 1. It can also be used as a CC in order to escape or help your teammates, such as a flag carrier, by CCing someone off of them.

Improved Backstab is great when combined with Lethalityallowing you to have huge hits on your Backstab. If you are low on combo points and the target has low health, you can use Backstab in order to go for a kill and this talent helps you to secure the kill in that scenario.

Opportunity is a strong talent since you will be opening on your targets from stealth with Ambush. Also, in the scenarios where you are trying to secure a kill with Backstab, this talent will help you to do so. Initiative helps speed up your burst combo, since you will be opening on your target with either Ambush or Cheap Shot. Ghostly Strike does more damage than Hemorrhagehowever it does have a 20 second cooldown, meaning you cannot spam the ability.

This ability is best used against other melee players, since it also increases your dodge chance. Improved Ambush increases the critical strike chance of your Ambush by a significant amount.

Rogue is a very burst heavy class and you will usually attempt to secure your kills quickly. This talent helps you work towards that goal, since you will be opening on targets with Ambush. Serrated Blades helps you secure your kills on melee players, since classes like Warrior and Paladin will have a lot of armor. This also buffs your Rupture damage, which you will be using against the heavily armored melee players. Hemorrhage is your main combo point generator in PvP. This generator applies a debuff to the target that increases the Physical damage they take for 15 seconds.

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